012762_11The Boomerang soundtrack was the ish, but this song was the STANDOUT! PM Dawn was always a little strange, with their flower power mantra and hippie glasses. Not quite the mold of black masculinity at that time–Public Enemy, X-hats and “By Any Means Necessary, that’s probably why I loved them so….. I had this crush on this boy–who will remain nameless and you couldn’t have told me that this song was not written for me and my teen angst. I was a tortured soul even back in 1992.


keri1wb1So, I haven’t been waiting for her album to drop as long as Maxwell’s…lol, but it has been awhile. And honestly, I am not disappointed. I knew when I heard Energy last summer, I was going to like her stuff.  I love her style, she writes some of her own stuff,  she can actually dance and sing (Rihanna, you taking notes?) and she is not screaming on her tracks (Bey. ARE YOU LISTENING?) Her album sounds like a mix of everything–a little Ciara (Slow Dance), a little but of Prince (Intuition), a little but of Aaliyah (especially “Where Did He Go”) and a little J-Hud (Energy). My favorite song on the album is definitely “Turning You On” and “Intuition”. I feel her  when she says “I got this crazy feeling…im gonna be single again…I can feel it…you gonna mess up!” Girl, you ain’t never lied, cause they always do.

Here is her new video “Knock You Down” I hate to even say it, cause I love him, but I am sooooooo over Kanye right now.

Watch Mathew Knowles ask to be her manager so he can sabotage her career just like he did Kelly’s. Keri, watch yo’ back!

ciaraYeah, yeah, this isn’t really a THROWBACK per se, it came out a few years ago, but this is my blog, so I do what I WANT. Say what you want about Ciara–no talent, she has a penis, etc. This video, that pelvis thing that she is doing (Don’t try it at home, I almost fell off the wall and broke my hip,) and just the song in general is HOT.

Play this for me and my clothes are instantly coming off. I’m kidding momma..sort of.

images-1Disclaimer: I am late on this one for Pop Gumbo, but if you are Facebook friend of mine, you saw my status on this weeks ago.

So, I am sitting at home, chilling with a glass of wine, watching VH1 Soul, when this video comes on. I am “Ooooooh, this my club jam!” I see Hype’s name, I then see Jake’s face (I got slightly hyped cause I have a small gay crush on him), then Forest’s face (I am like OKAAY, I am digging this…) and then OPIE’S face flashes on the screen. SCREEEEEEEECH! What in the hell?

WHY? Someone tell me why? Ron, are you trying to get street cred? Your wife isn’t doing what she used to? You bored with your millions? Cause I just don’t get it.

When I think of vodka and Henney, I don’t think of a 50-year old balding man who was on Happy Days. STOP IT. I like my middle aged white men paying my rent with no strings attached doing what they normally do: play golf, take the fam to a Yankees games, drinking beer at the local pub or showing off their new John Deer. I mean what’s next? Tom Hanks poppin’ bottles with don’t like to bathe Jim Jones? Robert Deniro throwing money on Dolicia Bryant in a Weezy video? [Well since he likes black women, that might actually happen].

This Obama Effect HAS GOTTEN OUT OF CONTROL. White people, please read this carefully: We, the black people of the United States of America are elated that you voted for President Obama. Thank you. Thank for allowing 8 years of Bush’s UTTER fuck-ups talk you into voting for a black man–we know that for some of you it was difficult and we are eternally grateful for that sacrifice. But, when Obama talks about YES WE CAN all do it together, and WE DID, he sure as hell wasn’t talking about this. Somethings ARE NOT for you to participate in, ex. The Cha Cha slide at a wedding. Let it go, you really don’t want to be us, cause the minute you couldn’t catch a cab, wash your hair and go or were told “No,” you would be soooooooooooooo OVER it.

Watch the video here.

bernardwrightnard1981aSo when you are wasted in your house on a Friday night, drinking numerous bottles of wine with your friend, watching old-school videos and dancing in your living room, you are bound to end up seeing this video. This came on on VH1 Soul, after they played LL’s video with this song being sang by Total. I am digging Wright’s version a hell of a lot better. Peep the hair and his girl who looks like a pre-crack Whitney Houston.

This is dedicated to AI and all my old school music lovers!

Can someone tell me this: Why a grown woman would celebrate her “love story” at an amusement park? They remind me of a 90s high school couple going to Great America after the senior prom, minus the matching Cross Color outfits. [If you are from the Midwest, don’t even front like you don’t know what I am talking about.)

This charade is upsetting me. Not because I am single and bitter, but because it’s another example of fake Black Hollywood love that is forced down our throats. We see it with Denzel and Paulette, we saw it with Essence‘s cover of Kim and Diddy and now these fools, who just met five minutes ago and now are madly in love. The spectacle of it all.

Honest love my ass. Please, Diddy has a better chance of convincing me that he is finally going to marry Kim than Mariah does of proving that her nuptials are not a scam.

This reminds me of an episode of Sex and The City, when Bitsy Von Muffling, a middle-aged socialiate sent Carrie a wedding announcement stating she was marrying Bobby Fine, a known gay piano bar singer. Miranda says:

“We’re adults, we can handle it. Bitsy should say ‘I am getting older and want companionship’ and Bobby should say,”the hot guys just don’t go for me anymore.’ But to print out invitations and call it love, like love transforms people and molecules…well that’s just bullshit.”

Mariah just say no one else wants to mess with you anymore because you are proven certifiable and Nick just admit that you staying relevant has become increasingly difficult ever since…well the beginning of your career. If the two of you don’t agree with my assesments, fine, admit to something else and stop lying to educated people.

Meanwhile gay couples who actually love each other and have children together still can’t get married in most states, but I can marry my second cousin if I wanted to. Something doesn’t seem right about that.

I mean I know that ever since XXL came to be, The Source has become as relevant as Jet, so it would make sense that they would want to sell issues by any means necessary, but isn’t this just a bit harsh?

Do we really need another violent media image of black men? Aren’t O.J and Clarence Thomas offensive enough?

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