american_violetThanks to Tyler Perry and his coon flicks-YEAH I SAID IT–black people still believe that every woman just needs a good man and a good prayer to get through the day. When in actuality, we just need a stiff one and a stiff cocktail. (I’m joking momma, I don’t even know what that means. I’m a virgin and I don’t drink) It’s time for a change when it comes to images of black people in pop culture–AND THE OBAMAS ARE NOT ENOUGH.

Hopefully, American Violet is a step in the right direction as will my screenplay if I could ever get off page 1. American Violet starring Alfre Woodard, Xzibit. Charles S. Dutton and Nicole Behari is based on the real-life story of Texan waitress Regina Kelly, who was wrongly arrested in 2000 for drugs in a corrupt plan headed by the District Attorney.

Peep the trailer:

Listen up: If you have 10 bucks to trick off to see Madea Burns Down The Chicken Spot and SoulPlane 5: Into The Hudson River, then you can afford to be enlightened by something thought-provoking.