So, a few months ago my roommate and I were watching Oxygen’s Snapped (a show about how women who have gone crazy mostly ’cause a man has driven them to that point) when we stumbled across this utter fuckery called Unbathed Hoebags The Bad Girls Club. This show houses 8 of the stupidest, sluttiest, craziest, will-fight-you-in-a- second skanks. And I hate to say that about women, but I’m gonna have to call it like I see it–all they do is drink, smoke, fight and hook-up. There are the Ambers–two blondes who like to hide gummie bears in everything to piss everyone off; Sarah, who used to posed for Playboy like years ago who looks like she only bathes once a week; Ailea, who I strongly believe is missing a chromosome, is torn between a man her own age and a 45 year old she met on the Internet; Tiffany is the Newport-chain smoking token black girl who thinks she is really hard, but could easily be punked by Paris Hilton; Whitney, who comes from Boston, is just filler and I can’t understand anything she is saying; Kayla, the quintessential hood rat who left the show after one of the Amber’s wouldn’t let her pull her ho card and actually fought back; and finally Ashley, the Seattle chic who everyone originally hated on cause she had big boobs, a sugar daddy and hogged all the male attention.

I had to stop watching it, because that coupled with my Jack Daniels were depleting just too many of my brain cells.

What is the premise of this crack pipe? Does someone win a prize at the end of the season, like a $100 gift certificate to Strawberry? Do they have jobs or internships like on The Real World, mentoring strippers or ex-Penthouse centerfolds? Do they get two semesters free at their local cosmetology school? I could see if this was like Starting Over and they had some life coaches who were trying to make a difference, but these women are just RUNNING WILD WITH NO CAUSE. Someone tell me why is this show even on! And does Oprah know about it? Why she is on her show yelling at Rihanna for getting back with Chris Brown, she needs to grab them producers and have a private conversation about this ridiculousness and stop having shows that portray woman like dumb horny useless sluts. BOO HARPO!