September 2008

I know I am late on this one, but ever since the Republican VP running-mate lying puppet mayor of 4, Sarah Palin came on the scene talking about sexism, defending putting something on Ebay deems her worthy of being Vice President of The United States of America and how Hillary Clinton paved the way for her or whatever the hell she said, I have been wondering where is Ms. Hill to debunk all the madness? I hope she doesn’t think that spectacle of a speech she gave at the DNC was enough.

I didn’t want to do this, but miss thang, I had to write you a letter.

Dear Hillary Clinton,

Look, I know that you’re mad that the coon Obama beat you at your own game. I know you are bitter. I would be too if I played every back handed trick and still lost. But where is the Hillary Clinton that I have grown to despise? The despicable, no morals do anything to win Hillary? The 3am phone call-scare you into votes Hillary? You think cause the primary is over, you don’t have anything else to lose? Well sweetie, let me put you up on game. You are losing the right to claim being the first.

If any woman should be in office either as President or Vice President, it should be you girlfriend! Think of all the things you had to put up with: Bill’s nasty horny-sleep with anything but the kitchen sink self, the whole Monica/semen on the dress, Bill’s fat fried chicken eating ass, being hated by almost everyone and being called a weak bitch for having a “stand by your man” mentality. And through that dark period, you were like the little engine that could, because you always had your eyes on the prize–to be back in The White House on your own terms as President or whatever so that you could really emasculate your husband.

And now, you are going to let some ignorant hillbilly who didn’t even know what the Vice President’s role was, a woman who has no opinion on the war, a woman whose biggest accomplishment is hiring her friends and being on the PTA, take WHAT RIGHTFULLY BELONGS TO YOU? You are going to let “that woman” slither through the cracks in the glass ceiling that your hard work, sacrifices and evilness created? Why are you not out in the streets yelling or pretending to cry or something?

Your silence isn’t sticking it to The Messiah Obama or the rest of his disciples supporters. You are playing yourself because if Obama loses, the Democratic party will be as broken as your face was on Super Tuesday.

So listen up diva, you have until Wednesday to stop hiding in your mansion, inhaling chocolate cheesecakes pretending the be the fifth The Golden Girl. I better see you on the campaign trail in bitch-mode telling Palin to keep your name and accomplishments out her mouth before you threaten to cut up her JC Penny’s and Sam’s Club charge cards.

This is not a game. People’s 401Ks are at stake.

Just try to look at this as an opportunity to further your own agenda–you are good at that.



UPDATE: Hill was spotted in Ohio campaigning for Obama, but made very little mention of Palin.

Chile, you have until Wednesday.



Ok, so summer is over, I drank, swam, sunbathed, dogged out CNN and did the damn thing, but now with seven weeks–give or take–left before the election, I am getting my writing back on. So, expect a new posting everyday until I can’t stand it anymore, or until I get arrested for smacking the glasses off of Sarah Palin’s Stepford-wife looking face. More on her later.

So, I am at the coffee shop The Heights in Park Slope, writing of course and this song came on.

Damn, this was the ish freshman year at Michigan!