First it was the purple Telletubies hell bent on reprogramming our sons into becoming nelly queens, then it was all the feminists and liberals that caused 9/11 and now the Jesus Freaks are back with a new campaign: The Pill Kills 2008. This group funded by losers with a lot of time on their hands wants you to join them on June 7th to stop the distribution of the killer poison called the Birth Control Pill. The 7th of June is the 43rd anniversary of the landmark case Griswold vs. Connecticut, which made birth control legal. And while pro-choice folks like myself will be celebrating, these idiots will be protesting.

Check out their very enlightening Q &A on their site:

Q: How does the pill work?
A: The birth control pill and similar birth control products work in a woman’s body in one of three ways: It can prevent ovulation and it can obstruct sperm from reaching the egg (prevent fertilization) by thickening the cervical mucus. However, if both of these methods fail and a new human person is created, the pill and other contraceptives can stop a tiny child’s implantation in his/her mother’s womb because the pill irritates the lining of the uterus so that the tiny baby boy or baby girl cannot attach to the lining of the uterus and the newly formed human person is aborted and dies. This is called a chemical abortion.

Q: How does the pill kill babies?
A: This can happen because the pill and other birth control products can prevent implantation from occurring. When the preborn baby implants in the womb, the baby establishes a connection with the mother so that he or she can receive the sustenance needed to grow. If the preborn baby cannot implant in the mother’s womb, he or she will die.

Now I grew up in a time where we actually had real sex-education–Remember being grossed out with the slides of warts and the infamous CAULIFLOWER vagina? Remember when health teachers taught you about condoms, birth control and abstinence? Yes, being on the pill for decades can cause blood clots and what not, but I must have missed the lesson about the pill being the major force behind genocide.

I love how these fools don’t need basic science or commons sense to fuel a campaign. It’s this type of delusionment and ignorance that allows Hillary Clinton to continue with her bid for the White House.

I mean what’s next? Protesting condoms because they block sperm from naturally entering the uterus? This has got to stop!

What are these people suggesting? Not having sex until marriage? Well that is not going to work for black women since every damn poll tells us that we have a better chance of getting struck by lightening and winning the Powerball on the same day then finding a spouse. Guess I will have to live with being a serial killer.

(Thanks Feministing)