For the Mother’s Day edition of Jet, the weekly African American pamphlet magazine, Kim Porter graces its cover. She talks about her life beyond Diddy (you two were just pictured being boo’d up last week), her business ventures and motherhood. The cover line is hilarious: “Makes her own life” (yeah with Diddy’s money.) Like I said in the past she is an embarassment to black women. KIM, GET SOME COUNSELING AND A NEW MAN, IN THAT PARTICULAR ORDER.

I would like to know who at the Jet headquarters thought it would be a great idea to use this woman as an example of anything positive? Of all of the black mamas in the world to choose from–Jada, Halle, Mary J, Iman, Nia Long, Vanessa Williams, Nicole Ritchie, Kimora–this is what you come up with. Hell I would rather them have put Keishya Cole’s mother Frankie on the cover! At least that would be an encouraging story about getting past your demons in order to be a better mom. Kim is still being possessed by her demons: greed and stupidity. What is she going to teach her daughters about relationships and self-esteem?

And now I hear she is getting a reality show on Lifetime! This nonsense only gives hope to other groupies, gold diggers, NFL baby mommas, jump-offs and lazy women who just don’t want to work, that this triffling, settling for less behavior can get you something other than a new car, a Dior clutch and paid parking tickets. Using your uterus as a vessel to procreate in order to make money should not get you on the cover of a magazine, EVEN IF IT IS JET!

Some of you think that I am taking this too far, but watch in a month The Learning Annex is going to offer a class on “How to make being a jump-off a sustainable career.” You’ll see.