I know that some of you are not into light-skinned dudes, YOU NEED TO GET OVER THAT STAT because Coby is an Adonis.

In the spring of 2003, a friend and I were taking advantage of the nice weather so we decided to walk from 109th and Broadway to Lincoln Center, which is about 66th and Broadway. We were chatting and laughing when this tall brother with a bald head caught my eye. This man, who I did not see his face was crossing the street wearing shorts and a tank top dribbling a basketball, I knew he was the one. Then he turned around and smiled, and I realized that it was Coby Bell, who at the time was on Third Watch.

WHEN I SAY HIS SMILE LIT UP THE WHOLE DAMN STREET, I ALMOST WENT BLIND. It was surreal. I thought I was having an out of body experience. He is so fine that you would actually consider selling your mother back into slavery to be with him.

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