So, I thought I would give away an award every month or heck maybe even every week to the most ridiculous nonesense that is being googled to get this site. I know that about a month ago I wrote a whole thing on it, but the phrases this week alone are off the hook.

I don’t know what people are thinking anymore. I guess if a father can keep his own daughter locked in a basement for almost half of her life, procreate with her and burn one of her children’s dead bodies, then really anything is possible.

With that being said,THE WINNER IS …OH IT’S A TIE!

  • First winner is the person who googled, “What can a lot of starch do to your vagina?” (I mean are you putting the starch on or in your vagina or are you consuming too much starch? I need you to be clear)
  • Second winner is the person who googled, “I’m not gay but i like looking at penis.” (Denial)

Runners Up:

“Women who love big hard sh*t in their mouths”

“”run trains on her””

Why are the sexual deviants all up and through my site?