When this song came out in 1995, I had yet to be really scorned by a man to this magnitude–I was only a junior in high school, back then all a boy could do is dump you in front of everybody during lunch or not show up to pick you up for a date. But what I did know was that whatever this mofo did to her, it was beyond serious.

Then I got to college, started dating and I GOT WITH THE ALANIS PROGRAM! This is the anthem for any woman who has been dogged by a no-good, bullshit chump who has moved on and hasn’t given our asses a second thought. (Well actually, most men no matter how bad the relationship try to make a comeback) Either way, this is for us.

FYI: No, I am not bitter or even going through a bad break-up, this is what happens when you put your iPod on “Shuffle.” Old songs just pop up.

FYI AGAIN: For those who are trying to be “authentically” black, stop fronting, YOU KNOW THE WORDS TO THIS SONG.

(This posting is for my BFF Nikki who for years believed that when Alanis sang the line, “The cross I bared for you” she was really saying “The cross-eyed bear.” WHY WOULD THERE HAVE BEEN A BEAR IN THIS SONG?)