Now I want to be clear that I am a feminist. I am fully aware of how lyrics like “Whoop that trick” along with images of half-naked women gyrating on cars while having money thrown on them, has on our culture–low self-esteem, riskier sex among youth, the growing difficulty to get a man to take you on a date that does not require some form of sex at the end of the night, etc.

I also do not condone or understand why women, especially women of color have to be demeaned in order for white record execs and the owners of BET, MTV and VH1 to make billions.

  1. With all of that being said, I AM IN LOVE WITH LIL’ WAYNE! I cannot help it and here are five reason why:
  2. It takes a real man to admit that he is addicted to cough syrup.

People think he’s gay–We all know I love a black gay man, especialy since I often think I am one.

He ain’t afraid of working hard. There is a reason why GQ named him the “Man of The Year” for being a workaholic. This negro was on every remix that came out last year.

He is ugly sexy and that is the best kind.

That “Lollipop” song is hot! He can make it juicy for me anytime.

(All of these reasons trump the fact that he slept with Trina and Superhead along with the tats on his face, We all have our lapses in judgement)

Speaking of Lollipop, here is the video. Notice that the women have on more clothes than usual: