My girl Shavon sent this to me and I AM DISTURBED. Please watch.

First of all, this NUT IS LYING. Let’s keep it real, how many people have you slept with and knew their last name? I’ll give you a moment. Now, that number is not anywhere close to what this fool is talking about. Trust, a man who is picking up girls at a club is not asking for personal information. [In case my parents are reading, I am a virgin and none if this pertains to me. I don’t even know what a penis is.]

With that being said, if this man really does have HIV and is spreading his “infected sperm” to “stupid hoodrats” who are out in the street “being fast, ” this is a hot mess, especially because some of these girls are teenagers. What a coward, take off that rag off your face. Punk ass. We are trying to change the world, you are f’ing it up. We already have enough examples of shiftless negroes–thanks DMX.

What really pisses me off about this is that perpetuates the idea that HIV-positive people are monsters and that is not true. Many positive people are not going around purposely infected people. And if you use condoms no matter, no one can purposely do anything to anyone.

But this does need to be a wake-up call for women. This is 2008, AIDS is real, and under no circumstances should men be…[I am not going to say it, you figure it out] Rap it up, please.

I will say, I am glad he wasn’t talking about being on the down-low, I am so over that crap.

FYI Youtube: Some people don’t need to be posting on your site. For real.