images-5.jpegNow, I am not to one to kick a gift horse in its mouth–I am very glad to have people reading this blog. I am gonna keep it real, I know that I do have some loyal readers like my brother Wilson, family members like my Uncle Tommie, friends, fellow bloggers and random people who stumbled across this on a whim and keep coming back. I want to thank you all of you.

But the majority of my readers are people who Google random shit and “poof” Pop Gumbo comes up. I will take what I can get. And I hope that my fabulousness and incredible wit will captivate you enough to become a regular.

Now with that being said, SOME OF YOU ARE GOOGLING SOME NASTY SHIT AND I AM GETTING WORRIED ABOUT THE STATE OF AMERICA! Today someone Googled “women who shit in people mouth” and my blog popped up! I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN ANYTHING ABOUT DEFECATING IN PEOPLE’S MOUTHS, ever. At least, I don’t recall.

What in the hell is going on? Who wants to see that? When I first moved to New York five years ago, I went to a vintage store on St. Mark’s and accidentally picked up a tee shirt with a picture of a woman shitting into a man’s mouth on the front. I damn near threw up, one because it was disgusting and two because the shirt cost $50.

Here are some other outrageous topics that people Googled:

sexual torture of a nigger [I WANNA KNOW WHO WROTE THIS ONE]
michelle obama ass
pubescent vagina
completely waxed
waxed vaginas
young vagina
ugly face good body
vaginal cleanliness baby wipes?
america’s next hot porn star

You all are some nasty mofos, what is the deal with vaginas? I mean I have one-it’s alright, but it ain’t all that.

[Thanks Kenyon for the idea]