I am reposting one my favorites…I think it is still relevant because Lauryn Hill is still crazy….Enjoy!

Originally posted on August 28, 2007.


Dear Lauryn…I mean Ms. Hill,

Remember when you were one of the dopest MC’s? Remember when you brilliantly fused hip hop and soul music so effortlessly that you created one of the best albums of all time? Just in case you need me to jog your memory, it was called The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

I remember seeing a dark skinned, natural hair wearing, big-lipped gorgeous woman walking to that Grammy podium winning Album of The Year, thanking God and saying, ” I cannot believe it, this is hip hop.” You grabbed hip hop, hell the music industry by its horns and said, “You all are going to listen because I got shit to say.” I remember that day–it felt good to be a black woman–the day that L-Boogie made history.

That is when you looked like this:
images-11.jpeg images-23.jpegimages-31.jpeg

And this is what you look like now:

lh2.jpg lhill1.jpg

Over the years, you have changed Ms. Hill. You came out with that Unplugged album where you played the same 5 cords every song. (It was still good, don’t get me wrong) You cut off your locks, you kept having babies, your heart got broken, you started bugging out. There have been rumors that you are difficult to work with, out of control and Pras even told Billboard Magazine that you were crazy and he would never work with you again. That was your homeboy!

Not to mention, your style has been channeling “A Clockwork Orange, ” and people are booing you, YOU, at your concerts. WTF? I would expect that from Bobby Brown (The King of R&B), but not you.

I don’t know what to make of the icon who once graced the cover of Time Magazine and forced white America to admit that your songs were art. But something has got to give, because you are now starting to influence Erykah Badu and we just can’t have that–she is insane enough.


Can you do me a favor? Pretty please? Can you please start taking your meds again and stick with it this time? We need you Lauryn, because self-centered, self-conscious Kanye can’t do it all by himself.

Not to mention, I just want my hero back.

Yours truly,