189px-george-w-bush.jpegWith all of the election talk going around: Hillary claiming that Obama is a pussy is not tough enough, Barack’s aid calling her a manipulative opportunist bitch “monster” and the Republicans pissed because McCain is not racist conservative enough, I almost forgot that we actually do have a president running things: Dubya.

Where you been boy? Oh that’s right he was cabbage patching and playing tag somewhere in Africa, but now he is back trying to comment on some grown-up stuff: the economy.
CNN Money reports that Bush announced “The economy has slowed.”

President Bush said Friday that “it’s clear our economy has slowed,” hours after a government report showed a decline in payrolls for the second straight month.

But he said the long-term outlook is good, with a stimulus package enacted last month by Congress providing support for the economy.

“I know this is a difficult time for our economy,” the president said. “But we recognized the problem early and we provided the economy with a booster shot.

Bush made a statement after meeting with advisers. Chief economic adviser Edward Lazear said earlier in the day that the nation’s economy could contract in the current quarter.

“We expect that the economy will get stronger primarily in the third quarter this year, that is in the summer…and this quarter will probably be our weakest quarter,” Lazear said.

The statements come after the Labor Department said employers made their deepest cut in staffing in almost five years during February.

May I ask what constitutes early? People’s houses are being foreclosed, the gap between the rich and the poor has been getting bigger and bigger for awhile,and my father has been damn near in tears about his 401K for a minute. I mean you know things are bad when STARBUCKS LAYS PEOPLE OFF and when 1000 dollars American dollars equals 425 pounds in London. Early would have been 2005, but I could be wrong.

Bush states that things will get better at the end of the year. [Coincidentally, that is when his term will be almost be over. Meanwhile, experts are saying that Bush is wrong and that we are headed for a recession.

Answer this: For a president who has invoked fear in Americans for the past six and a half years by lying about about things that don’t exist, why is he now lying about something that does exist to make us feel safe?