jamiehector-1.jpgI don’t know what it is about this dude…I mean, I do know. It’s his swagger, his voice, the way he walks into a room, his cold blank demeanor and that scar on his face. He embodies that “I don’t give a fuck attitude.” Never in my thirty years, would I have thought I would be turned on by a man who was ordering a hit on someone’s life.

A few weeks ago, I was watching The Wire and had to turn the shit off, because he had me so worked up. That is a damn shame. I am a grown ass woman, acting like a frickin’ teenager.

Here is a clip of him playing vicious drug king Marlo Stansfield: I dare anyone to tell me he isn’t sexy.

Don’t forget to watch the final episode of The Wire this Sunday on HBO! If they kill off Marlo, I am taking a personal day on Monday. No joke.

UPDATE: Marlo was not killed or sent to jail in the final ep tonight. He got off and got me off looking good as hell in an Armani suit. Looks like I will be going to work tomorrow. Damn.