I hate to sound like a broken record: But what is going on with white people the past couple of months? Between the shit going down in Jena, shock jocks calling black women “nappy-headed hos,”meth heads torturing a black woman and making her eat shit, nooses being hung from the back of a car and coked up ex-model talking about BET being racist–it is time to rethink which country I live in.

Last week, Fox News dickhead anchor Bill O’Reilly went to famous soul food restaurant Sylvia’s with Reverend Al Sharpton (of all people) for a down home meal thanking Sharpton for being on his bullshit show. O’Reilly was amazed at how civilizied black people were acting and claimed that maybe black people do not always take on rappers and hip hop culture.

The AP reports: After his experience, he went said on his radio talkshow the following about our behavior in the restaurant:

“It was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense of people were sitting there, and they were ordering and having fun,” he said. “And there wasn’t any kind of craziness at all.”

O’Reilly spoke during a general discussion about racial relations with Fox News analyst Juan Williams. O’Reilly said he believed black Americans were “starting to think more and more for themselves” and backing away from a race-based culture encouraged by Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

He said he treated Sharpton to dinner to thank him for appearing on his Fox News Channel show.

O’Reilly pointed to the lack of difference between Sylvia’s and other restaurants as a marker of racial progress. He also noted that he went to an Anita Baker concert recently where the audience was evenly mixed between blacks and whites.

Why would Al Sharpton want to be seen with ass anywhere? Of all the places to take him, why would you take a racist to a soul fool buffet? That is like taking Farrakahn to a falafal joint.

Before I rip into O’Reilly, I want to be honest. There have been times where I have been places–the subway, Harlem, the grocery store, the airport, the mall, etc.–and I have been ashamed of my own people’s behavior–the gum cracking, the loud yelling, beating your kids, picking your teeth with your MTA card, smoking on the train, cussing folks out, and the list could go on and on…We got to do better! This is what happens when you only see 2 images of black people on television: thugs and ghetto rats.

But, to be surprised that black folks were not shooting up over fried chicken and collard greens is ignorant as hell. If you watch television and believe that this a true representation of the world, then you are a fucking idiot. If that is the case, then all young white girls are hairless vagina-non-panty wearing drug addicts, all gay people are flamboyant whores and all white men are nerds and boring. We all know that is not necessarily true.

When is the last time you have been around black folks? Clearly NONE WORK AT FOX NEWS! And then to have the audacity to believe that his comments were a compliment.

“Oh tank ya’ massa for seein’ dat we learned to be so well behaved when lickin’ the lard off our fingas. Oh Isa jus wanns be like you’all wonderful white gods. Oh the burden to be Negro!”

That is almost as insulting as being told you “speak so well”

FYI: WE ARE NOT UNTAMED ANIMALS! Since when did this womanizer think that he had the intellectual rigor to comment on black culture. Cornell West you are not. Taser This: Fuck O’Reilly.

Oh, I thought I would be able to blog about something nice and positive today! Maybe when I learn to act in public.

Big ups to Media Matters for bringing this to our attention.