Last week, another legal personality was introduced to America: Judge David Young. Why does this matter? Because even with Judge Mathis, Judge Hatchett, Judge Judy and the other clowns, we were lacking a gay judge. Until now.

Here is an excerpt from the press release said:

The star of the show, Judge David Young, is an innovative and compelling and judge who offers a provocative and entertaining blend of honesty, compassion, and humor when resolving issues in his courtroom. Judge Young is also daytime television’s first openly gay judge.

In his first week on the bench, Judge Young presides over several fun filled yet hard-hitting cases including a wacky woman going cuckoo in court over her stolen pet parrot, formerly estranged lovers bickering over porn, and a man who returns to his stables to find his horse was sold!

Judge Young is known for his fierce intelligence and an occasional burst into show tunes and brings a refreshing perspective to the daytime audience. Confrontational, caring and always entertaining, Judge Young will command respect first and foremost from his litigants and will have zero tolerance for those who attempt to dodge responsibility or waste the court’s time.

Okay, where do I begin: entertaining (because that is all gay people are good at), singing show tunes for no good reason and being FIERCE were used to describe the show. If I wanted that, I would go to Splash in New York City. Oh, I forgot to tell you; the show’s tagline is “Justice With A Snap!” I mean really? JUSTICE WITH A SNAP? Why not, justice with a cock in a mouth? Justice with a dab of eyeliner and a little bit of glitter? This is not amusing.

I cannot speak for gay people–although I am an honorary gay black man–I can only speak for just being a straight black woman when I say that this is some bullshit. Why is it when marginalized people are on television, we have to be so damn one-dimensional? And yes, it is tricky. Because there are a lot gay men who love show tunes and Broadway and love to entertain and snap. But that does not mean that is the only side we can show. I love nelly queens and feel that they should always be part of a narrative about gayness, as should totally macho sport loving gay men and those in between. I just detest using stereotypes as selling points.

I realize that there is a lack of gay people on television, as well of people of color—which is nothing new—but that does not mean just suck it up and be happy that some of us are getting checks. I am not cabbage patching every time I see a black crack head on HBO. We are past the time of doors needing to be kicked down with any old image just so that we can see ourselves.

All I am just asking for complexity and a range, not the same old coons running across the screen. Is that too much to ask?