Yesterday thousands of people took to the streets and protested the unfair treatment that the legal system has given to the 6 young black men for alledegly beating up a white student after months of racial harrassment.

The fight occurred in December and yet it took this protest to get the major media, not Fox News though, to cover the event. Even Dubby made a comment trying to look like he is up to date on current events. He claimed, “The events in Louisiana have saddened me, and I understand the emotions,” he said. “The Justice Department and the FBI are monitoring the situation down there.” Yeah, right.

The usual players were there, Reverend Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson saying the following:

“In every state, more blacks [are] in jail than college,” he said. “In every state, there’s a Jena everywhere.”

Now that this has finally made it to the mainstream, the gang of comments have been made from some clueless white folks,not just on my site, but in newspapers, other blogs, and newsrooms. They mostly say that this is not about race, this is about a fight. Or hanging nooses is not illegal,but fighting is. Or my personal favorite, the reason that the media did not talk about it was to poor more fuel on the fire, not because of race.

This is why talking about these issues with some white folks can make you want to kill yourself.

This is clearly about race. Plain and simple and to even try to come out of your mouth and say otherwise, goes to show your utter ignorance and blatant denial. This is like trying to explain to the The View’s Sherri Sheperd that evolution is fact. Racism is real in this country. I don’t know what it will take for America to realize that. WHITE PRIVELDGE IS NOT A FIGMENT OF MY IMAGINATION. The reason that the white boys got a slap on the wrist is because they were white. That is the benefit of being white–YOU GET AWAY WITH THINGS. YOU GET TO CHEAT THE SYSTEM. YOU GET TO MAKE UP THE RULES. Can you honestly tell me that the color of your skin does affect the way that you are treated? Historically, it has affected my treatment, so why not yours?

All we are asking is for equal treatment and equal protection under the law. Either this whole shit is something for the School District to work out or the legal system, not half and half. Some of you are acting like we are asking for reperations. Fall back.

What we should be especially alarmed about is the fact that the media did not pay this any attention until now. If bloggers and black radio did not talk about it, this would have gone unnoticed. That scares the shit out of me. How many other stories have gone untold? What else have we missed? Who is making the decisions of what is newsworthy and what is not?