Who knew this award could be given out every day? Today’s lucky winner is Sherri Sheperd for saying the following yesterday:

I mean where do I begin? First, The View already has one ignorant closed-minded host, we don’t need another. I mean there is something called the First Amendment, but why does Sally Field get censored for speaking out against the war and Sherri is allowed to set the black race back 175 years.

“Isa dunno massa’ about no ‘lution or no earf being round!”

And then to act like taking care of your kids and feeding your family trumps common sense and basic third grade science. Being a mom does not make it OK to be a moron. What’s next? The reason you think Puerto Rico is a state is because Jeffrey needed a new pair of Jordon’s?

Sherri, please stop playing the stereotypical, overweight sassy church-going black mother—I think Tyler Perry has that niche covered. You know damn well that evolution is FACT and that earth is as round as your belly.

I will say that you all know Elizabeth is happy as hell because for once no one is talking about how stupid she is. Man, wasn’t the original intention of this show to empower us because intelligent women’s voices were not heard in media…Maybe I am the moron.

The best part about this segment is the look on Whoopi’s face. She is so over these hens and their clucking. I give her about 6 months before she breaks her contract and bounces.