Dear Mr. Simpson aka “Never Met A White Woman I Didn’t Like Number 2 (Number 1 belongs to Quincy Jones),

I want to get straight to the point: You make me sick. You make sick because your bullshit acquittal bamboozled black America into thinking that we had finally made it over that racial mountain by getting away with something. If it was up to me to those Jena boys would be walking free and your shucking and jiving ass would be rotting in jail.

You’ve maintained your “innocence” for all of these years all the while mocking Nicole’s and Ron’s family on television and then had the nerve to try to publish a book called “If I Did It.” A better title would have been, “I Got Away With It Suckers.”

And now, you have been arrested for stealing sports memorabilia out of a hotel room. What in the hell is wrong with you? I mean dodging the death penalty was not enough? Negro please.

Stop making us look bad!

I’m done with you.


P.S. Please read what Kenyon wrote about this situation. You could benefit from some tough love.