I am not sure what Emmy voters were thinking, other than not nominating The Wire for anything. But a lot of people who shouldn’t have won, won tonight: Katherine Heigle, Sally Field, Terry O’Quinn, Jamie Pressley, Ricky Gervais and WHO THE HELL is James Spader?

Maybe next year, I will win one. That is just how random these awards are.

Thank God, Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera took home that statue, because there would have been riots in East L.A., Miami, and The Bronx had Tina Fey’s name been called instead.

Well, I thought I would leave you with two well deserved Emmy wins from people who I admire a lot. These two women paid their damn dues. One was nominating once and won, yet for years has been overlooked by the industry and the other was nominated like 17 times until she won one. Acting is such a dirty game.

Ms. S. Epatha Merkerson, Rachel “Nanny” Crosby [Best Actress in A MiniSeries or Made for Television Movie, Lakawanna Blues, Primetime Emmys 2005]

How cute! She lost her acceptance speech in her breasts.

Ms. Susan Lucci, Erica Kane [Lead Actress in a Drama Series, All My Children, Daytime Emmys 1999]

Can you believe they had the nerve to turn on the “Wrap it up” music?