The “white only” tree has been cut down.

This Thursday, 17 year-old Mychal Bell, one of the “Jena” Six was supposed to receive his sentence for aggravated battery of racist punk-ass Justin Barker. But late Friday night, the appellate court handed down a ruling that on a technicality: that he should never been tried as an adult because he was 16 at the time of the alleged attack.

“The defendant was not tried on an offense which could have subjected him to the jurisdiction of the criminal court,” the three-paragraph ruling said. The case “remains exclusively in juvenile court.” Bell cannot breathe easy yet, he can still be found guilty on the juvenile level and be jailed until he turns 21.

I will say that I am happy that Bell is not going to jail for 15 years, but this ruling is a passive way for the legal system to alleviate some of the heat off of them. You are not doing us a favor by allowing us a glimpse of what white privilege is like: Getting off on technicalities.

Forget the fact that he should never had been charged as an adult, he never should have been charged period. None of them should. Where is the proof? Where are the witnesses? Why was there an ALL WHITE JURY? Why was Bell is jail without bail? Why are there two more facing attempted murder charges as adults? Reverend Sharpton had a point. The hanging of the nooses was a hate crime, yet nothing happened to the three white boys other than a suspension. Why were they not tried as adults? I want for them to address that. I want for the D.A. to admit that he allowed his history of inbreeding or racist upbringing to cloud his judgment.

The more I believe that we are moving forward, these hillbillies do something to remind you that we almost at the same place where we started.  Racism, is our social plastic, it just keeps recycling itself to either look like something new or in this case, like something old. It never ever disintegrates. We can never rid ourselves of it.

This Thursday, there will be a protest in Jena. I hope something comes out of it.