Dear world,

We have reached a milestone: In its first month, Pop Gumbo has reached 1000 hits!

I know that many bloggers get a thousand, hell millions of hits a day, so it is not that amazing, but this little thing that I do in my free time has really started to grow. So I just wanted to take time out to thank all of my family, friends, fellow bloggers (Kenyon, Rod, and Blogher), loyal readers, and randoms who stumbled across my site by Googling topics such as “baby wipes terrence howard” and “gay men hooking up in bathrooms.

I hope this coming month, I can double that with more postings about pop culture, race, politics, and feminism. Please continue to keep spreading the word about Pop Gumbo.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Big ups to all the people who fuck this world up (Bush, Britney, Flavor Flav, Elizabeth Hassleback, and Bill O’Reilly to name a few) …Without your utter stupidity, I would have nothing to write about. Keep up the good work.