See these six mugshots. These are the faces of pure evil. These six meth-faced looking animals lured 23 year-old Megan Williams into their their secluded home in Logon County, West Virginia. For a span of a week, the Brewster Klan (mother, daugther, son and a few of their friends) raped, beat, and tortured her while they calling her, “Nigger.’ They also forced her eat a rat and dog feces, plus drink out of a toilet. The police found Williams thanks to an anonymous tip from a person who claimed to have witnessed the abuse. Williams is currently in the hospital doing better and is said to be released in the next week. Her mother, Carmen Williams has refused to remain quiet about this and has been talking out to the media.

She told the AP, “I don’t understand a human being doing another human being the way they did my daughter. I didn’t know there were people like that out here”

I know that the FBI was investigating this to see if it was a hate crime. We all know that it is essentially, but the Justice Department has decided to not label it as such for now and charge these bastards under state law which carries stiffer penalties.

“If the allegations are proven … potential penalty in state court is as severe as it can get,” Miller told The Associated Press. “As a practical matter, sentenced to life, what else can be done?”

Six people face charges, including kidnapping, sexual assault and lying to police in the torture of Megan Williams, 20, at a remote hillside home in Big Creek. In West Virginia, kidnapping carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. Sexual assault carries up to 35 years. A hate crime penalty is 10 years. Prosecutor Brian Abraham said state hate crime charges could later be filed, he wants to focus on pending state charges. The charges may be amended to clarify the suspects’ role in the alleged assault, he said.

Clearly, this is hate in its purest form. And I am perplexed as to why this not going to be prosecuted as such. When President Clinton drafted this shit, I am pretty sure that he would have considered this particular incident to fall under the scope of things. Please tell me, what it is going to take for something to labeled a hate crime? As you are stabbing someone instead of calling them, “Nigger” should we just say, “I hate you!” This doesn’t make any sense. I wonder if the roles were reversed and it was the Williams family who tortured Mama Brewster and called her “Honkey” while they stabbed her leg, would we even be having this conversation.

And the Justice Department, please stop pacifying Americans and telling us that the state laws are stricter so don’t worry, or that we can go back and charge them with a hate crime, THAT DOESN’T WORK FOR US. Please, who is to say that they will be found guilty under these state laws? Who is to say that a jury of their toothless peers won’t have their back? Please, Jena has taught us that much–the legal system doesn’t work. Who is going to protect us?

A story like this stops you in your tracks because it this can happen to any of us. Any ignorant ass person with a bone to pick with black women, gay Asian men, Latino trannies, Muslims; can just rally up his friends and family and do something this sick. I never thought that this would happen to us in 2007, 1907, hell 1957, but not now.

Meanwhile, fake rapper Ja-Rule seems to think that it is gays and MTV that are ruining America. No, I think hate is doing a fine job ruining America all by itself.