In the October issue of women’s mag Glamour , Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera graces the cover for the very first time. Although her face looks utterly flawless, that cropped and digitally enhanced body that WE ALL KNOW IS NOT HERS, looks a hot mess.

So, just as I wrote to Terrence Howard, it is now Glamour’s turn….

Dear Cynthia Leive (Editor-In-Chief) and Suzanne Donaldson (Photo Director),

I am writing to inquire why in the hell and who in the hell approved the October cover of Glamour? We all know that this is not America Ferrera’s beautiful and curvy body–that is Nicole Ritchie’s emaciated corpse with America’s fierce face. This is insulting for many reasons: one, because you assume that this is what your readers want to see and two, that we are so stupid that we were actually going to believe this nonsense. Try again. Look at those arms!

If a celebrity does not fit your backward ass standards, then DO NOT BOTHER PUTTING HER ON THE COVER IN THE FIRST PLACE IF YOU ARE JUST GOING TO EFF IT UP. What’s next, you will put Venus Williams on the cover and make her as light as Beyonce? I mean, Photoshop can really do anything.

Let me be clear: You are not doing us women of color or curvy women a favor by putting us in your publication. It’s not like Ugly Betty just came out–it has been on for a year and now after the Golden Globe and the SAG and the Emmy nomination, she gets to be on the cover. It is bad enough that we are barely represented, but PLEASE represent us right or not at all! (Pass this message on to your fellow Conde Nast EIC Anna Wintour because March 2007 Vogue’s cover and spread with Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson looked as if Ms. Lebowitz took the photos with her eyes closed.)

And you have the audacity to call it the 1st Annual Figure-Flattery Issue.

How do you think America feels about this? You don’t think that being brown, short, and weighing over 100 pounds has been a roadblock in her career? You don’t think that she realizes that roles that she should have gotten have gone to the same boring cookie cutter actresses that you seem to love to plaster on your pages. I find it very ironic, that America’s character Betty represents the beauty on the inside and sadly your cover perpetuates that inner beauty is just another word for “ugly.”

Glamour has really been messing up lately. Last month, you all had that little slip up with your racist editor who referred to twists and dreads as “political hairstyles” and claimed that they “had to go,” now this. Please get a grip on things over there at 4 Times Square, because I would hate to cancel my subscription, especially since I need to write it off on my taxes.

Much Love,