I know we all love “Ellah, ellah, ellah, ehh”—it is catchy [esp. the Chris Brown re-mix], but if you want to hear something that is written and sung by the same person, check out my new favorite singers—Alice Smith and Lydia Caesar

Alice Smith: I came across her when my BFF at work had 2006’s For Lovers, Dreamers and Me (BMG) on her desk. I popped it into my computer and instantly fell in love with this CD. A black Fiona Apple minus the craziness, this is worth an iTunes purchase. My faves: “Secrets,” “Dream,” and “Do I”

Lydia Caesar: Why this woman is not signed by a label is beyond my comprehension—yet no-talent Cassie can have two records. One part Alicia Keys, one part India Arie and one part Pink, this talented and award winning R&B singer is amazing to hear live. If you are ever in NYC, she is a must-see. My faves: “Melody Love” [On iTunes], “Love Is Hard”, and “Victory”