Some members of mainstream media (The New York Times) are calling this racist; I am calling this “on point” entertainment. BET’S new PSA, “Read A Book,” calls us (not me, I don’t do that sort of stuff) out for our backward morals and dwindling standards—putting Pepsi in baby bottles, not having a checking account but taking your check to PayDay, not having electricity in your apartment, but rims on your car, not knowing how many states there are in the US, but knowing how men Superhead slept with….THE LIST COULD GO ON AND ON.

Yes I realize that we are oppressed, but the Atlantic Slave Trade has nothing to do with why your horsehair is laid , you are dressed to the nines all the while your babies look like Iraqi refugees.

As Charlie Murphy would say, “We got to do better!”

I see you BET. Trying to make right with the black community, even if your network is partially to blame for all of this. Now, if you could only cancel that nonsense, Take The Cake, we could be BFF’s.

SIDENOTE: Wanna actually read a book? I recommend Ghettonation: A Journey Into the Land of Bling and Home of the Shameless (non-fiction) by Cora Daniels. Daniels tries too hard at times, but there are some hysterical moments that sadly confirm that maybe some us don’t have a chance.