Oh, another Republican player was caught soliciting penis in the men’s room. This week’s contestant, Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) was arrested by a plainclothes officer at the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport in June. Craig plead guilty to lewd conduct, but now he reneged on his plea, telling the media yesterday, “I am not gay, I have never been gay, I am just a submissive bottom every now and then.” (Okay, he didn’t say the last part.)

He apologized to the entire state of Idaho, claiming that he wouldn’t want his actions to cast a cloud over its reputation. He stands by his story that he did nothing wrong. Meanwhile, the po-po say something different. They claim that he was giving off some gay vibe with his feet and hands that are commonly used in The Closeted Manual To Soliciting Gay Sex. Of course his beard wife stood by his side, like they usually do, looking stupid as hell. Interestingly, over the years, Craig has repeatedly voted against gay equality. The right-wing hypocrisy of it all.

I will say that I am curious as to what a man could possibly do with he feet to signal that he wants to have sex. Dig it in the police officer’s groin?

He explained that he plead guilty to a lesser charge in the hopes that it would go away. “I did not seek any counsel, either from an attorney, staff, friends, or family. That was a mistake, and I deeply regret it.”

Mr. Craig, you are a senator, you could leave a bad tip at a restaurant and that would make it to Page Six in the New York Post. So, if you want us to believe that you honestly thought that allegations of getting blown in the bathroom would go away, you’re nuts. You plead guilty for three reasons: You were guilty, you were guilty and you were guilty.

Okay, even if I give you the benefit of the doubt and say you are innocent, you should know that with 13 years of watching Law and Order and its spin offs Special Victim’s Unit and Criminal Intent, YOU NEVER PLEAD GUILTY TO SOMETHING YOU DIDN’T DO. IT NEVER GOES AWAY. And you never answer any questions without council present. Duh, Olivia taught me that much.

Note to Craig and other Republicans: Start lying better. I know you all have gotten away with it for so long so you’all say anything at this point, but the American public is not as gullible as we used to be. If Republican members of Congress are calling out their own for BS and red states are voting blue, you might consider stepping your game up a bit.

Remeber Evangelical Rev. Haggard telling intelligent people that he never slept with the male prostitute or smoked the crystal meth, he only bought the drugs for his “friend.” No one believed him and no one believes you either.

Another note: Make your urinal visits quick. Go in and come out. And stop looking around.