August 2007

Hands down, this last scene of the series finale of HBO’s Six Feet Under outshines any finale of any other show I can think of. (I cried like Frederico was my man)

The ingenious way of showing how the characters died along to the song “Breathe Me” by Sia, was a perfect way to end one of the best-acted and written shows in the history of television. Well, it would have been more perfect is Gabe would have come and declared his love for Claire–Yeah, I know he’s dead, but that is neither here nor there.

This is the kind of television that we need more of, not reality nonsense like The Hills and Flavor of Love.


I know we all love “Ellah, ellah, ellah, ehh”—it is catchy [esp. the Chris Brown re-mix], but if you want to hear something that is written and sung by the same person, check out my new favorite singers—Alice Smith and Lydia Caesar

Alice Smith: I came across her when my BFF at work had 2006’s For Lovers, Dreamers and Me (BMG) on her desk. I popped it into my computer and instantly fell in love with this CD. A black Fiona Apple minus the craziness, this is worth an iTunes purchase. My faves: “Secrets,” “Dream,” and “Do I”

Lydia Caesar: Why this woman is not signed by a label is beyond my comprehension—yet no-talent Cassie can have two records. One part Alicia Keys, one part India Arie and one part Pink, this talented and award winning R&B singer is amazing to hear live. If you are ever in NYC, she is a must-see. My faves: “Melody Love” [On iTunes], “Love Is Hard”, and “Victory”

Some members of mainstream media (The New York Times) are calling this racist; I am calling this “on point” entertainment. BET’S new PSA, “Read A Book,” calls us (not me, I don’t do that sort of stuff) out for our backward morals and dwindling standards—putting Pepsi in baby bottles, not having a checking account but taking your check to PayDay, not having electricity in your apartment, but rims on your car, not knowing how many states there are in the US, but knowing how men Superhead slept with….THE LIST COULD GO ON AND ON.

Yes I realize that we are oppressed, but the Atlantic Slave Trade has nothing to do with why your horsehair is laid , you are dressed to the nines all the while your babies look like Iraqi refugees.

As Charlie Murphy would say, “We got to do better!”

I see you BET. Trying to make right with the black community, even if your network is partially to blame for all of this. Now, if you could only cancel that nonsense, Take The Cake, we could be BFF’s.

SIDENOTE: Wanna actually read a book? I recommend Ghettonation: A Journey Into the Land of Bling and Home of the Shameless (non-fiction) by Cora Daniels. Daniels tries too hard at times, but there are some hysterical moments that sadly confirm that maybe some us don’t have a chance.

“The Democratic party called your mother on the phone today and she cussed them out. We are not voting Democratic anymore–not even for Barack. We are voting independant. Actually, we are waiting for Lou Dobbs to run.”

A sixty year-old African American man tells his daughter during a heated discussion about politics.

Um, Dad, you might be waiting for a long time.

Oh, another Republican player was caught soliciting penis in the men’s room. This week’s contestant, Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) was arrested by a plainclothes officer at the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport in June. Craig plead guilty to lewd conduct, but now he reneged on his plea, telling the media yesterday, “I am not gay, I have never been gay, I am just a submissive bottom every now and then.” (Okay, he didn’t say the last part.)

He apologized to the entire state of Idaho, claiming that he wouldn’t want his actions to cast a cloud over its reputation. He stands by his story that he did nothing wrong. Meanwhile, the po-po say something different. They claim that he was giving off some gay vibe with his feet and hands that are commonly used in The Closeted Manual To Soliciting Gay Sex. Of course his beard wife stood by his side, like they usually do, looking stupid as hell. Interestingly, over the years, Craig has repeatedly voted against gay equality. The right-wing hypocrisy of it all.

I will say that I am curious as to what a man could possibly do with he feet to signal that he wants to have sex. Dig it in the police officer’s groin?

He explained that he plead guilty to a lesser charge in the hopes that it would go away. “I did not seek any counsel, either from an attorney, staff, friends, or family. That was a mistake, and I deeply regret it.”

Mr. Craig, you are a senator, you could leave a bad tip at a restaurant and that would make it to Page Six in the New York Post. So, if you want us to believe that you honestly thought that allegations of getting blown in the bathroom would go away, you’re nuts. You plead guilty for three reasons: You were guilty, you were guilty and you were guilty.

Okay, even if I give you the benefit of the doubt and say you are innocent, you should know that with 13 years of watching Law and Order and its spin offs Special Victim’s Unit and Criminal Intent, YOU NEVER PLEAD GUILTY TO SOMETHING YOU DIDN’T DO. IT NEVER GOES AWAY. And you never answer any questions without council present. Duh, Olivia taught me that much.

Note to Craig and other Republicans: Start lying better. I know you all have gotten away with it for so long so you’all say anything at this point, but the American public is not as gullible as we used to be. If Republican members of Congress are calling out their own for BS and red states are voting blue, you might consider stepping your game up a bit.

Remeber Evangelical Rev. Haggard telling intelligent people that he never slept with the male prostitute or smoked the crystal meth, he only bought the drugs for his “friend.” No one believed him and no one believes you either.

Another note: Make your urinal visits quick. Go in and come out. And stop looking around.

Dear Lauryn…I mean Ms. Hill,

Remember when you were one of the dopest MC’s? Remember when you brilliantly fused hip hop and soul music so effortlessly that you created one of the best albums of all time? Just in case you need me to jog your memory, it was called “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”

I remember seeing a dark skinned, natural hair wearing, big-lipped gorgeous woman walking to that Grammy podium winning Album of The Year, thanking God and saying, ” I cannot believe it, this is hip hop.” You grabbed hip hop, hell the music industry by its horns and said, “You all are going to listen because I got shit to say.” I remember that day–it felt good to be a black woman–the day that L-Boogie made history.

That is when you looked like this:

images-11.jpeg images-23.jpegimages-31.jpeg

And this is what you look like now:

lh2.jpg lhill1.jpg

Over the years, you have changed Ms. Hill. You came out with that Unplugged album where you played the same 5 cords every song. (It was still good, don’t get me wrong) You cut off your locks, you kept having babies, your heart got broken, you started bugging out. There have been rumors that you are difficult to work with, out of control and Pras even told Billboard Magazine that you were crazy and he would never work with you again. That was your homeboy!

Not to mention, your style has been channeling “A Clockwork Orange, ” and people are booing you, YOU, at your concerts. WTF?

I don’t know what to make of the icon who once graced the cover of Time Magazine and forced white America to admit that your songs were art. But something has got to give, because you are now starting to influence Erykah Badu and we just can’t have that–she is insane enough.


Can you do me a favor? Pretty please? Can you please start taking your meds again and stick with it this time? We need you Lauryn, because self-centered, self-conscious Kanye can’t do it all by himself.

Not to mention, I just want my hero back.

Yours truly,


Hello all,

I want to thank all of my friends and my family for reading my blog! I have gotten a lot of great feedback from you guys and I am grateful. Keep spreading the word, tell your friends, your hairdresser, your babysitter, whoever likes to listen to you run your mouth that Pop Gumbo is worth taking a look at.



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